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Glossar (english terms)

Attendee online

Person who attends an event online or virtually, but is not present in person. Thus, participation takes place at a hybrid or virtual event.


Average duration (arithmetic mean) of all events with 20 participants or more in a venue (with one decimal digit, e.g. 1.4)


One 3-day event in several rooms is counted as ONE event (of three days in several rooms). Events are attended by 20 participants or more.

Hybrid event

Event where participants can choose whether to attend on-site (i.e. by attending in person) – or digitally, e.g. via live streams to the sessions and/or via participation via webinar functions.

In these events, face-to-face sessions are combined simultaneously with virtual components.

On-site event

Event where participants can attend on-site by showing up in person. This can be a face-to-face or hybrid event.

On-site participant

also called “on-site visitor”: person who personally attends a face-to-face or hybrid event on-site.


Person who actually attends an event.

Participants in-person

Participants attending events in person on site. These events can be face-to-face or hybrid.

Participants online

Persons that participate only online in events. These events can be hybrid or virtual.

Touchless Event Options

Services that enable conference participation in-person without direct contact with other people. Services often used are:

  • digital self-service registration at terminals,
  • contactless access control via badges, wristbands or an app,
  • NFC readers to exchange contact details,
  • contactless shopping,
  • etc.
Virtual Events

Event where participants can only attend via stream/video conferencing or webinar software etc. There is no on-site participation option. The event can be produced and broadcasted from a studio or a venue with studio equipment (temporary or fixed) etc. Employees on site are not participants in the actual sense.

No further distinction is made between digital and virtual events; the terms are used synonymously.