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Meeting- & EventBarometer

The only study that examines the entire events market (Business & Leisure) for the entire country.

The initiators are the EVVC – European Association of Event Centres, the GCB German Convention Bureau and the German National Tourist Board (GNTB).

The Meeting & EventBarometer provides current facts and figures on the following topics:


Overall scope and differentiations


Overall scope, distribution and behaviour


Utilisation and occupancy


Allocation, origin and budgets

Current Issues

e.g. shortage of skilled workers, sustainability

Trends For the Future

e.g. digitalisation and market development

Ranking of German destinations

federal states and cities

Current References

Regional Meeting- & EventBarometers are being produced on all levels: national, regional, local








Background Information

Since 2007, the EITW has conducted this comprehensive study annually, surveying

  • for the supplier side: germany-wide, approx. 4,000 companies, which includes all venues with more than 100 seats in the largest hall (row-seating).

  • for the demand side: worldwide approx. 2,000 companies, associations and agencies

  • Providers of virtual events (event platforms, streaming studios, etc.)

It is the only national study that covers both business and leisure events.

Detailed information on the surveys and calculations used in the study can be found on the methodology page.

On the advisory board:

  • Matthias Schultze (GCB)
  • Birgit Pacher (GCB)
  • Ilona Jarabek (EVVC)
  • Timo Feuerbach (EVVC)
  • Brit Haase (EVVC)
  • Matthias Hickl (DZT)

Downloads (in English)

Meeting- & EventBarometer ManagementInfo 2021/22
PDF, 1,5MB
Meeting- & EventBarometer ManagementInfo 2020/21
PDF, 6.5MB
Meeting- & EventBarometer ManagementInfo 2019/20
PDF, 3.3MB

> further information: German Convention Bureau (GCB)

Regional Meeting & Event Barometer (published, examples)

Meeting- & EventBarometer Aachen (in German)

Meeting- & EventBarometer Nuremberg (in German)

Contact Person

Andrea Dessi

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